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Running Panels
Day Time Title Description Panelists Location
Friday 10:00:00 AM So You Want to Be an Author Know the Basics Grant,* Ollerman, Libling, Ollerman, Shvartsman wombat
Friday 11:00:00 AM Mistakes to avoid when starting` What are the dead ends you wish you knew about? Isaak,* Libling, Macdonald, Mead, Rothman wombat
Friday 12:00:00 PM Lunch      
Friday 1:00:00 PM Developing a writing method How do you find a way to write your stories. What works? Isaak, Ollerman, Rothman*, Coville wombat
Friday 2:00:00 PM Creating memorable characters Finding ways to make your characters stand out from all the rest Mead, Ciaffone, Hammond, Isaak, Altabef*, Coville wombat
Friday 3:00:00 PM How much worldbuilding is enough? How far do you go? What can you get away with? Hammond, Cambias,* Doyle, Spoor, Strock wombat
Friday 4:00:00 PM Realistic fight/sex scenes Making them not just another bit of run-of-the-mill Ollerman,* Macdonald, Ciaffone, Sawicki wombat
Friday 5:00:00 PM How to Steal from History What parts of history are fair game for your novel? Altabef,* Doyle, Mead, Shvartsman, wombat
Friday 5:00:00 PM DC Cinematic Universe Why isn’t is as good as it could be Lieven, Arthen,* Fludd, Hartwell
Friday 6:00:00 PM A Taxonomy of Zombies Fast, slow, classic, or Haitian. Macdonald, Reeve, Kauderer,* wombat
Friday 6:00:00 PM Stampeding into the Uncanny Valley With Disney’s remake of “The Lion King” and the movie musical “Cats,” we’re seeing CGI raised to an unprecedented height of realism. Does this change our expectations and perceptions of real-life performers? As this technology turns to “deep fakes” and hoaxes, can we trust anything we see on a screen? Whitehead, Arthen, Grant,* Cohen, Hartwell
Friday 7:00:00 PM Babylon 5 Does it still hold up? What were its strengths and weaknesses? Altabef, Hammond, Ciaffone,* Lieven, Spoor, wombat
Friday 7:00:00 PM “What Is It about Airships? When did zeppelins become the signifier for ‘alternate history’, and why?” Kauderer, Cambias,* Sawicki, Palmatier, Coville Hartwell
Friday 8:00:00 PM Ice Cream Social   All Ballroom
Friday 8:30:00 PM Game: Amazing Space Adventures — Ice Station Zebra   Brown Kyle
Saturday 3:30:00 AM Reading   Isaak Bar
Saturday 10:00:00 AM John Carter and Barsoom   Coville, Macdonald, Sawicki, Huston,* Ollerman wombat
Saturday 10:00:00 AM Workshop on Career writing Learn how to make writing your career. Longyear* Kyle
Saturday 10:00:00 AM What TV shows are you missing? Good shows that don’t get a lot of love. Shvartsman, Lieven, Vajra, Rothman, Slew* Hartwell
Saturday 10:00:00 AM Autographing   Delmater Ballroom
Saturday 10:00:00 AM Autographing   Cambias Ballroom
Saturday 10:30:00 AM Reading   Altabef Bar
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Autographing   Crawford Ballroom
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Make a mini-hat Come join a workshop to customize a mini-hat that you can wear immediately! For this workshop we will have ribbon, sequins, feathers, silk flowers, millinery tulle, rhinestones and anything else you could imagine to embellish your hat with! Workshop cost is $5 and includes all supplies needed. Salemi Ballroom
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Autographing   Spoor Ballroom
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Costume horror stories What not to do when costuming Connell, Whitehead,* Slew Hartwell
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Reading   Arthen wombat
Saturday 11:00:00 AM Women Pioneers of SF As woman make greater and greater strides in the genre, who were the first to go along the path? Chowdhury, Delmater,* Vaughn, Rothman wombat
Saturday 11:30:00 AM Reading   Cambias Bar
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Autographing   Libling Ballroom
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Is YA raising new SF believers? Or is it mostly fantasy? YA is a big success, but has science fiction taken a back seat to fantasy? Doyle, Ciaffone,* Crawford, Hansen, Hartwell
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Autographing   Kimmel Ballroom
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Books to film Best and Worst examples Reeve, Cohen, Whitehead, Arthen,* Coville wombat
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Reading   Spoor Bar
Saturday 12:00:00 PM Game: Classic Traveller: Salvage Mission   Cambias Kyle
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Body Positive Cosplay How to cosplay if you don’t fit the stereotype. Connell,* Whitehead, Grant, Mead, Slew Hartwell
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Autographing   Longyear Ballroom
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Reading   Shvartsman Bar
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Rhinestone demo/workshop Learn some secrets and techniques for applying rhinestones to your costumes, clothing and accessories. A package of 144 size 16 Preciosa AB rhinestones, syringes, fabric swatches, pin and application tool will be provided for anyone that wants to do more than just watch. Fee for supplies is $10 Salemi Ballroom
Saturday 1:00:00 PM Buster Crabbe: An appreciation A discussion of the king of the movie serials. Rothman,* Doyle, Libling, Macdonald, Olshan wombat
Saturday 1:30:00 PM Reading   Kimmel Bar
Saturday 2:00:00 PM Reading   Libling Bar
Saturday 2:00:00 PM Autographing   Coville Ballroom
Saturday 2:00:00 PM Too Many Superheros? When is enough enough? Will audiences tire of the genre? Kimmel, Fludd, Lieven,* Kauderer, Ollerman, wombat
Saturday 2:30:00 PM Reading   Longyear Bar
Saturday 3:00:00 PM What is the next great fantasy series We’ve finished Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones is still waiting. Where should we be looking for new stories? Chowdhury, Cohen, Ciaffone,* Hansen, Coville Hartwell
Saturday 3:00:00 PM Autographing   Grant Ballroom
Saturday 3:00:00 PM Autographing   Altabef Ballroom
Saturday 3:00:00 PM Dying is Easy; Comedy is Hard: Humor in SF The panel is not funny. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Yes, it is…. Kimmel,* Longyear, Reeve, Shvartsman wombat
Saturday 3:00:00 PM Reading   Sawicki Bar
Saturday 4:00:00 PM Two Stupid Ideas Make a Story Jim Butcher’s epic fantasy series Codex Alera had its genesis in Jim accepting the challenge to write a good story using two stupid ideas. Are there more examples? How do you take a “stupid idea” and turn it into a good story? Easton, Mead, Macdonald, Palmatier,* Sawicki, Hartwell
Saturday 4:00:00 PM GOH Reading   Coville wombat
Saturday 5:00:00 PM Costume contest   Connell wombat
Saturday 6:00:00 PM
(or after costume contest)
The Folk Horror Revival Recent films like “The Witch” and “Midsommar” are part of a revived interest in “folk horror” as a genre–films in which rural customs and landscapes are are filled with foreboding and hidden violence. What defines and inspires these films, and what attracts filmmakers and audiences to these tropes in the 21st century? Chowdhury, Macdonald, Arthen, Grant,* Cohen, Wombat
Saturday 6:00:00 PM
(or after costume contest)
Writing the Entertaining Story Delmater Hartwell
Saturday 7:00:00 PM


Game: On-site for the Apocalypse   Spoor Kyle
Saturday 8:00:00 PM Why does bad science lead to good stories?   Easton, Frederick,* Isaak, Olshan, Strock, Huston, Slew wombat
Sunday 10:00:00 AM Is SF dying? Is is being supplanted by fantasy? Altabef, Easton, Frederick*  wombat
Sunday 10:00:00 AM Your Literary Estate: Planning for the Future Cohen, Reeve, Hansen Kyle
Sunday 10:00:00 AM The graylisting of Fandom Are Older Fans Being Pushed out? What are the pluses and minuses? Delmater,* Longyear, Ciaffone, Lieven, Slew Hartwell
Sunday 11:00:00 AM Like Romeo and Juliet Why so many YA novels about doomed romances & protagonists? Doyle, Hammond,* Whitehead, Atwood, Hartwell
Sunday 11:00:00 AM Asimov Centennial The centennial of Isaac Asimov’s birthday is January 2, 2020. Might be appropriate to look back on his life and impact. Delmater,* Easton, Frederick,* Kauderer, Hansen, Longyear, Strock, wombat
Sunday 12:00:00 PM Does YA keep you young? Rowling wrote, “Youth can not know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.” Is YA keeping old men and women young? Is that why it’s so popular with adults? Hammond,* Crawford, Coville, Ciaffone, Atwood wombat
Sunday 12:00:00 PM Gene Wolfe retrospective/Memorial Discussion of the great stylist of SF by those who knew him. Cohen, Reeve, Hansen, Libling Hartwell
Sunday 1:00:00 PM Star Wars Inspiration What inspired Star Wars and how does it continue to be an inspiration Doyle, Slew*, Reeve, Cohen wombat
Sunday 1:00:00 PM The Loss of the Public Domain The original duration of copyright was a maximum of 28 years. Since that time, the duration of copyright has slowly increased, until now it is 75-90 years. This means that in the early days, a person who grew up with a given work would be able to make full use of that work by the time they were in their 40s. What is the implication for writing? Is this one of the major reasons for the increasing disdain of copyright and of piracy? Palmatier, Spoor,* Olshan, Hartwell
Sunday 2:00:00 PM Albacon 2020 Planning Session     wombat

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