We have a dedicated room for tabletop gaming, with various games running all weekend.

Albacon Board Game Café by Bard & Baker
Join Charlotte and Ariel in their debut at Albacon!  Bard & Baker will be featuring a collection of casual, nostalgic, and dexterity focused games to play throughout the day such as Suspend, Giant Jenga, Battleship, Ghost Blitz, Guess Who, Bananagrams, Happy Salmon, Red Flags, Cards Against Humanity, and more.
Bard & Baker is the Capital District’s first board game café, featuring over 600+ board games and card games, in a relaxed and inclusivity-focused environment, encouraging our guests and community to unplug and play through the world of games. Bard & Baker opened its doors in October 2019, offering classic titles such as CLUE, Scrabble and Stratego, to more contemporary games such as Ticket to Ride, Catan, Scythe, and many, many more.

Gaming Schedule: This schedule is tentative and subject to the panel schedules for the Guest GMs.  The final 2019 game schedule will be available on-site at the convention.

Live Action Gaming

Classic Traveller: Salvage Mission with Jim Cambias (Saturday Noon)

There’s a derelict space station in an unstable orbit. It’s been abandoned, but you’ve got a tip that a fortune in life-extension drugs is hidden on board. You’ve got twelve hours before the station makes its final dive into the atmosphere. Just get in, grab the loot, and get out. Plenty of time — if nothing goes wrong . . .

Up to 6 players. Pre-generated characters will be provided.

On-site for the Apocalypse with Ryk Spoor (Saturday, 7:00 pm)

You are a member of the OSC — Obtain, Secure, Counter. When supranormal events and phenomena appear, we are there to protect the world. Your small outpost in the Capital District of New York has been relatively quiet for a while… but now SOMETHING is happening…
— A roleplaying adventure set in the world of _Princess Holy Aura_

More details here:  OSC Intro

Amazing Space Adventures with Wayne Brown  (Friday 8:30 pm, following the Ice Cream Social). 

Rescue at Ice Station Zebra

While on a training mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, your cadet training mission receives a distress call from the research lab Ice Station Zebra.

While responding to the emergency call, your group finds that the complex has been damaged by some sort of explosion.

Your mission is to rescue the surviving personnel, and investigate what happened.

Up to eight players.