We have a dedicated room for tabletop gaming, with various games running all weekend.

A special YA lounge will be available, with a Nintendo Switch for gaming.

RP Game schedule:  2019 Games have not been scheduled yet

South of the Line with James Cambias

It’s 1928, and the passenger-cargo ship Ocean State is en route from Valparaiso to Auckland across the empty quarter of the Pacific Ocean. The sudden death of a passenger reveals a sinister conspiracy on board, and questions which must be answered before disaster strikes!

On-site for the Apocalypse with Ryk Spoor

You are a member of the OSC — Obtain, Secure, Counter. When supranormal events and phenomena appear, we are there to protect the world. Your small outpost in the Capital District of New York has been relatively quiet for a while… but now SOMETHING is happening…
— A roleplaying adventure set in the world of _Princess Holy Aura_

More details here:  OSC Intro

Amazing Space Adventures:  The Long Rain with Ralston Stahler

You are traveling from the Russian colony Venera to the United Europe colony of New Venice  on Venus.  Your shuttle encounters a terrific storm and crash lands in the wilderness of Venus.  Now it is up to you and the survivors to try to make it to a Sun Dome where you can get rescued. Surviving the Venusian jungle will be a  challenge but you should be up to it.
Module for 4-6 people.