Registration is LIVE

We are happy to announce that registration is up and running for Albacon 2019!  And good timing, since several of us are at Philcon this weekend.

Albacon will be hosting a party tonight at Philcon. Please come and chat, and you can find us in the hall near the registration desk as well as inside the dealers room or wandering around the con.


We hope to see you all

Site Construction & Improvements

Please excuse our appearance (and likely mass of broken links/pages) as our webmaster is hard at work creating our 2019 site.

We have a tentative date of September 13-15 in the fall of 2019 for Albacon and are communicating with our proposed guest of honor for a commitment. Our 20th con was a blast and we are so happy to feel the love and support from our loyal fans over the years, we really couldn’t do it without you all.


We are expecting to be in the same hotel as 2018, the Ramada Plaza (Ramada Albany) located at 3 Watervliet Avenue Ext., Albany, New York.