Art Show

Welcome to the Albacon Art Show for 2019!

At Albacon, our Art Show is a gallery exhibit and sale. We do not have an Artist’s Alley. Art is checked into the show on Friday, with attached paperwork, and displayed throughout the convention. Attendees of the convention may bid on artwork (based on the minimum bid chosen by the artist). If a piece has one or two bids, it will be sold to the highest bidder on Sunday. If a piece has three or more bids, it will be sold during a quick voice auction when the art show closes on Sunday. If a piece has no bids, it may be sold immediately at the quick sale price (set by the artist).

Any artist who is interested in displaying art at Albacon 2019 should contact the Art Show Director using the form below. We accept art displayed by attending artists, agented artists (the agent must carry a letter of representation from the artist), and mailed-in art (for a fee, please see the rules that will be sent to you upon contacting the director).

As we receive registrations, the list of artists displaying at Albacon 2019 will be updated below.

Artist Info

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