Anime Schedule

Albacon Anime Video Schedule

*Schedule may change prior to showing


3pm to 4:30: Re:Zero (Sub)

4:30 to 6pm: KonoSuba (Sub)

6pm to 7:30: Isekai Quartets (Sub)

7:30-9pm: ice cream social & dinner / random choice

9pm-10:30: Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? (Dub)

10:30pm-midnight: Monster Musume (Sub)


9am-10:30: Cardcaptor Sakura (Dub)

10:30-12pm: Princess Tutu (Dub)

12pm-1:30: Cells at Work (Sub)

1:30-3pm: Fire Force (Sub)

3pm-4:30pm: Love Live! (Sub)

4:30-6pm: AKB0048 (Dub)

6-8:30pm: irresponsible captain Tylor (Dub)

8:30-10pm: Galaxy Angel (Sub)

10-11:30: Girls Last Tour (Sib)

11:30-1am: To Love-Ru (Sub)


9-10:30am: Digimon (Sub)

10:30-12pm: Haikyuu!! (Sub)

12pm-2pm: Demon Slayer (Sub)

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